dumpling attempt #2 (shrimp purses)

dumpling attempt #2 (shrimp purses)


My first attempt at making shumai didn’t go so well, but since I had some leftover ingredients, I gave it another try. They were delicious, but not the best formed (it didn’t help that I only had egg roll wrappers). So Rob and I are taking a dumpling class on March 6th! So stoked. Expect more dumpling posts.

For the filling: Blend 1 vidalia onion, 3-4 green onions, about an inch or two of fresh ginger root, a couple tablespoons of rice wine vinegar and soy sauce, and 8-10 raw shrimp. Then fold in another 8-10 diced up shrimp to the blended mixture.

To create the dumplings, I suggest you look here (that’s who we’re taking the class with). I totally winged it.


IMG_5437 IMG_5442 IMG_5450 IMG_5471