Comodo for Robert Padraig's 28th birthday

Comodo for Robert Padraig’s 28th birthday

I find it ridiculously annoying when you ask somebody what they want for their birthday and they say, “Don’t get me anything” or worse, “I like everything you pick out.” If I’m asking you what you want, I want to get you something… and give me a damn suggestion or you’re getting a [tie dye] snuggie.

Rob never gives me any help. He always just tells me not to spend too much money. Sure, it’s considerate, but it annoys the crap out of me. I WANT to get you something you WANT. Jeez.

This year I did a GREAT job with restaurant choice, at least (still no gift ideas. whatever.) We went to Comodo (watch the video on their homepage, it’s pretty cool how the restaurant started). The restaurant is really cozy with wood beams and clay dinnerware, and the staff are exceptionally warm and friendly.

To start, we got the pao de queijo sliders, roasted cauliflower gratin, and warm brussels sprout caesar salad (stop judging, it was his birthday). The sliders were AMAZING… I don’t even like lamb and I loved these (the Brazilian cheese bread they’re served on is crack). The other two apps were yummy, but nowhere near as good as the lil buns of deliciously cheesy meatiness.

For dinner, I had the day boat scallops with saffron sauce and spaghetti squash risotto, which was incredible (the risotto was so good, not too heavy like I often find regular risotto) and Rob got the coffee rubbed cochinita (pork shoulder) with trumpet mushrooms and greens. I thought his dish was really good, but he was a little disappointed you couldn’t taste the coffee rub… I think he was just being picky since mine was so good.

Happy birthday, old man 🙂