a trip to Flushing, Queens... or Shanghai

a trip to Flushing, Queens… or Shanghai

I love Asian food. LOVE. My favorite is Vietnamese, although I’ve been on a recent Korean kick. I would have lunch every day at Mandoo Bar if I could. And, we went to Hanjan for dinner a few weeks ago… best meal I’ve had in a while. They have this spicy ramen that needs to cook for 10 hours so it’s only served after 10:00PM. So good.

On Sunday, Rob and I decided to ride the 7 train from start to finish and go to Flushing for lunch (it takes about 40 minutes from Times Square). By far, my favorite place to eat is the food court in the New World Mall… you can get any and every kind of authentic Asian cuisine you could ever possibly want, and walk out spending $10-20 tops. And, if you doubt me, there is minimal english translation and everyone is Asian. Proof enough, right?

We’ve also gone to the Grand Restaurant on the top floor for Dim Sum and were only somewhat impressed. Go to the food court. Then walk around the mall, buy a few phone covers and stop by the grocery store, it’s really cool… but only go after you’ve eaten.

This trip we tried the pork buns and sticky rice from Taiwan Market Foods. LOVED the pork buns. Rice was only okay, it has an interesting sweet/savory flavor, but the baby shrimp in it freaked me out. We then stopped next door at Casserole Big Bowl of Noodle and got a bunch of dumplings. They were pretty good, nothing overly outstanding, the round sesame pork were the best. Last stop was to Li’s Lanzhou Hand-Stretched Noodles and Shanxu Sliced Noodles for a #6 (dumplings with hand stretched noodles). This place is legit, the guy stands in the window making the noodles. I could skip the dumplings in the soup, but the noodles and broth were AMAZING.

…and then I subjected Rob to a photo shoot while we sat waiting for our food comas to pass. He’s a very patient man.