meet Sophie Lily Schaevitz Deacon

meet Sophie Lily Schaevitz Deacon

Sophie Lily entered our lives in January 2010. Here’s everything you need to know about her…

She is a buff American Cocker Spaniel, but maintains a “puppy” haircut and looks more like a cock-a-poo.

She was born on October 5th, 2009.

She hates New York City and does not understand why we don’t live in the suburbs like her grandparents.

She is a total chicken. If the doorbell rings she will first growl, then bark, then whimper, then hide behind Mommy.

If you ask her if she wants to go for a walk she will run under the bed.

If you tell her to go to her room she will run under the bed.

She loves to swim, but hates the bath.

She loves her food and understands the term “num nums” to mean she is getting fed.

When she is excited her tail wags so hard the whole back half of her body wiggles.

She also excited pees.

If your mouth is open (perhaps if you are yawning) she believes she has every right to stick her tongue in it.

Ball is god. If you throw ball for her, so are you.

If you put ball, say at the top of the bookcase where she cannot see it while she is not watching, she will sniff it out and cry at foot of the bookcase until you retrieve it for her.

All balls are hers. Including those signed by professional athletes.

Her favorite game is losing ball under the media center, or bookcase, or vanity and crying until Daddy gets it for her.

Any bed, blanket or pillow is hers. She has every right to kick you if you are in her space and she is uncomfortable.

She huffs. No really, if she is exasperated, she will huff at you.

Occasionally her lip catches on her tooth and she looks deranged.

Gibson (the white ball of fluff in the pictures below) is both her best friend and arch-nemesis. Anything he can do, she can do better.

She leads a very tough life protecting ball, sleeping in her parent’s bed, and eating grain-free, likely suitable for human consumption, ridiculously over-priced food.

She is perfect.

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