i prefer casual taverns

i prefer casual taverns

My gramie generously offered to take us to a second dinner– I picked Gramercy Tavern, because, well, it’s Gramercy Tavern.

First things first, the staff was phenomenal, attentive but not overbearing, conversational but not annoying, and fluent in all things Gramercy (aka they answered all of our ridiculously dumb questions). The food was good, well thought out and cooked perfectly– but it just wasn’t outstanding. And for the cost, it should be outstanding, right?

I started with the chilled asparagus soup with turnips and lemon confit, which can only be described as a clear broth– the texture of milk, it was delicious and flavorful. But, it had chucks of asparagus at the bottom and overall execution was just not that exciting. I found myself comparing this asparagus soup to an experience I had two springs ago at a marvelous french restaurant in Maplewood, NJ (the name escapes me right now but I will figure it out and update this post, UPDATE: Lorenas)– that asparagus soup was thick but not creamy, the only dairy came from a truffle panna cotta siting at the bottom of the bowl (the soup was severed tableside, poured over the panna cotta, which melted into the soup, infusing it with truffle goodness). Amazing, just amazing.

Back to Gramercy. My entree was delicious, halibut with marinated cucumbers and yogurt sauce. Light and flavorful, I would love to have it again… But it’s not enough to make me want to go back considering the price.

What I do want to do, soon, is try the tavern. It is much more my speed, casual and vibrant, and the price is also more along the lines of what I can afford. The tavern menu looks delicious. (UPDATE: I went back in 2012, ate at the tavern and had one of the best dining experiences of my life. Delicious food, reasonable price, and excellent service. Highly recommend.)

I ALMOST FORGOT! The drink I had, a Montalban, was quite possibly one of the most delicious tequila cocktails I’ve ever had. Tequila, grapefruit, sherry and ginger (with crystallized ginger garnish).