Memorial Day SBQ

Memorial Day SBQ

I would describe myself, or rather my eating habits, as pescacurious. “Curious” because I’d like to think that I would try anything once, and “pecsa” because on a typical day I don’t eat meat but do eat fish. To explain, or rather, to caveat the crap out of this, I love meat. Bacon may be my favorite food in the world (stop judging me, you love it, too), BUT I don’t like industrial farming in the states and in any given year (for as long as I can remember) I have resolved never to eat meat again at least once. Then I usually fall of the bandwagon and have bacon… or a burger… or chicken fingers (again, stop judging).

I’m currently on the non-meat-eating bandwagon. But, I would still not call myself a pescatarian (and certainly not a vegetarian), because if somebody told me they were eating the best pulled pork of their life, I would take a bite. Okay, I’ve explained myself enough. If you don’t like it, tough. On to talking about my family’s Memorial Day SBQ.

When I think of BBQs I think burgers and hot dogs, maybe kebobs or ribs… so basically, meat. On Monday, my family made salmon on the grill… so I’m calling it a Memorial Day SBQ, just because.

I have had fish on the grill a lot in my life (my dad likes to grill). I really like scallop kebobs if cooked correctly (which I’ve yet to master, but Rob’s sister-in-law once made them and I still think about how delicious that meal was) or swordfish steaks. But hands down, salmon is my favorite fish… on the grill, off the grill, cooked or not cooked. Wild Alaskan is pretty pricey, I’m not going to lie and say that when typically served salmon I ask (like a snobby jackass) if it’s wild, but given a choice, that’s what I buy/eat. My dad bought this particular salmon and when I asked (since it’s just my dad) what kind of salmon it was he responded, “the orange kind”…  I’m just not going to go there.

Food purchasing judgments aside (I mean, he should at least KNOW what he’s buying), I cannot fault his cooking. Mom and I prepped the fish with the simple and delicious “Chef Paul Prudhomme’s Seafood Magic” rubbed on to both sides (as well as some eggplant and asparagus– cut, washed, salted and splashed with EVOO) as Dad got the grill ready (my 16 year old sisters were in their rooms, skyping, not helping).

Once prepped, he cooked the salmon for 6 minutes on each side and served.

The salmon was cooked perfectly. It was a delicious end to a sun-tastic long weekend relaxing in the burbs.