i must be the only girl to ever lose weight on her honeymoon

i must be the only girl to ever lose weight on her honeymoon

And it wasn’t for lack of amazing food.

Okay, in all fairness, my honeymoon was five months after my wedding, and all the pre-wedding weight loss was already just a lovely memory, so I wasn’t exactly starting from hard place. We ate our faces off… three square meals every day plus booze. But we walked so much, and sweat SO much, I actually returned to NYC five pounds lighter than I left it. Go figure.

Again, the food of south east asia deserved its own post. It was AMAZING. From the rice soup in Bangkok, the Khao Soi in Chiang Mai, the caramelized pork belly and fresh seafood in Halong Bay, White Rose dumplings in Hoi An, (making) crispy pancakes in Hoi An, pork bun in Hoi An (can you tell I LOVED Hoi An? it’s all because of Ms. Vy), the sour soup in Cambodia, to the freaking amazing pizza (yes, pizza, three weeks of all Asian food all the time gets to you) in Phuket.

Enjoy. I sure did.



Pad Thai. Yes, Mom, I know it’s not authentic, but it was damn good AND the locals ate it… we went to a place where we were the only westerners, Pad Thai Thip Samai. They wrap the noodles in a thin egg crepe.


Rice Soup. For breakfast every day in Bangkok at our hotel. SO GOOD.


Khao Soi. I cannot explain this soup. It was incredible. It had about a million spices in it and the broth in thick with them… Rob says it has the texture of tortilla soup, but giving that example confuses me because the flavors are so different. The Thai eat it for lunch and you need to go to a local spot… the versions in the touristy restaurant were not as good (they clearly try to adapt for western palettes).


Papaya Salad. So yummy. So spicy. Beware the creepy little dried shrimp… they’re super salty.


Curry Fried Rice in Chaing Mai. Possibly only for the tourists, but it was super yummy…. picture does it no justice.


Cooking Class!


Tom Kha Gai


Tom Yum


Pad Thai


Fried Rice (with a fried egg)


My first bowl of pho in Vietnam!


Caramelized Pork


“Salad” (cucumbers with fish sauce)


Can’t beat the fresh seafood on a boat in Halong Bay


Pho Bo


Bahn Mi at Bahn Mi Co Phurong. This place is the one recommended by Anthony Bourdain… it’s good, but it’s very different than the American interpretation, and I hate to admit that I didn’t love this authentic dish.


Pork Bun. I cannot say enough good things about Morning Glory. Anyone who goes to Hoi An will recommend this place (or one of Ms. Vy’s restaurants) to you. We went every night.


Morning Glory Salad


White Rose Dumplings. TRY THEM.


Waffle with ice cream for dessert (meh, it was good, but fill up on the apps and entree… they’re better)


Vy’s Market Cooking Demonstration… do it. Or do a whole cooking class with her… we would have if we had the time.


Crispy Pancake (I made it!)


Grilled meats (we made these, too)


Our first cheat [American] meal was in Saigon (it was 2.5 weeks in!)…. ceasar salad. It didn’t suck.


More Pork Bun in Saigon


Traditional Khmer Food in Cambodia. It was so freaking good. We had no expectations about food in Cambodia and were blown away. The sour soup and fish Amok were amazing. As were the green peppercorns.


Peanuts with sugar and orange leaf in Cambodia. Amazing.


Meh, fried spring rolls aren’t my thing, but they were good.




Pizza in Phuket… it was actually delicious (says the snobby New Yorker).