just your standard day in TriBeCa

just your standard day in TriBeCa

Because engagement shoots are ridiculous. And awesome. Below is the “Story of Us” from our short-lived wedding website (Rob didn’t think we should keep it up after the wedding…. don’t get me started).


The Story of Us

Rob delegated telling our story to me. Enjoy.

As messed up as this might sound, Rob and I never would have met if it hadn’t been for Hurricane Katrina. When Katrina hit, Rob, a third year architecture student at Tulane, was displaced to Cornell, where I was a sophomore painting major. We didn’t meet that fall, but because he attended Cornell for a semester, Rob decided to apply for Cornell in Rome the following year.

We met on January 4th, 2007 boarding a plane to Rome, Italy to study art and architecture. I thought he was hot.

I guess you can say we were friends at first, but neither of us really ever viewed the other as a friend (I certainly didn’t, like I said, he’s hot). The first week I, in true Jessie-fashion, brilliantly wore stilettos out on the cobblestone streets of Rome. Rob hung back to hold my hand and help me walk. He’ll brush this off, but it really was very sweet.

Our first kiss wasn’t until February, in Trani, a small fishing town in southern Italy. Rob took a little prompting, but I have been known to go after what I want, and may have put the moves on him after a few mojitos. My apologies if you’re scandalized, but we are getting married…

Sometime in April our friends decided to do a breakfast potluck (we had a lot of potlucks in Rome). I remember this one well for two reasons, 1. Rob went out to find challah in Rome (not the easiest task) because I told him that made the best french toast, 2. We were all sitting around the table eating and, from the opposite end, Rob called out, “Babe, can you pass the orange juice?” It took me a few minutes to realize he was talking to me. I may have initiated the first kiss, but that boy roped me into a relationship.

It was June of 2007 when I realized I loved him. It was August when he finally said it and I replied in kind (here’s me being old fashioned: a girl does not say “I love you” first, period).

Distance sucked (Ithaca to New Orleans is two layovers), but we got past it. After college, we moved out to Seattle (Rob wasn’t having much luck finding a job in NYC and I was up for a different coast). I arrived out west right after Bear Stearns collapsed. By December 2008, neither of us had a job.

So, we moved back to NYC and eventually settled in with new jobs and a pretty sweet apartment in Hells Kitchen (we have a washer and dryer). We had never intended to move in together so quickly, it just sort of happened. We’re actually very good roommates… when I clean up my clothing and he takes out the trash.

In January 2010, Sophie Lily Schaevitz Deacon entered our lives. Rob might have had a panic attack the night we brought her home, but now neither of us could imagine life without her. Seeing Rob with Sophie, how he selflessly loved and doted over her, always with unending patience, made me fall in love with him all over again.

Getting engaged was always going to be a decision we’d make together once we both felt ready— we met pretty young and I’m a firm believer in growing together (I also may have a ten year plan). So, somewhere around five and a half years we decided it was probably time to put some legalese behind our living-in-sin arrangement (that, and we wanted to get married). We picked out the ring in January of 2013 and then he sat on it until our six-year anniversary in April (don’t get me started on the sitting on it part).

We spent our anniversary in the Central Park Zoo, and while at the time I thought maybe he’d ask (I had thought he was going to ask on my birthday, too, but that hadn’t happened), we left the park and there was still no ring. After that I was pretty convinced it wasn’t going to happen that day. But, when we got in the cab to go down to meatpacking for our planned anniversary dinner, he instead asked the cabbie to pull around the corner to an intimate French restaurant called Chez Napoleon. We had an amazing meal and at the end of it he got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. I hyperventilated. Nothing prepares you for the man you love dropping down on one knee, not picking out the ring and not a ten-year plan. It was amazing and surreal.

I hope that gives you all some context for why we’ve asked you to come celebrate with us as we officially commit our lives together. That, or it has firmly cemented your belief that I’m nuts. Either way, June 14th 2014 is going to be a blast, and we can’t wait!

With love,

The Bride (okay, lame, but c’mon, how often do you get to sign off that way?)


photo credits: Jenny MacFarlane, Stylish & Hip Weddings

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