land of lavender & city of love

land of lavender & city of love

In May, my parents took the whole family to France– Provence for 7 days and Paris for 3– and its taken me this long to cull through the 3,000 pictures.

Where we stayed: Chateau Lavande in Bonnieux

IMG_0469pretty sweet digs. IMG_0512IMG_0515i LOVE coppperIMG_0529and thick white linensIMG_0540IMG_0544 IMG_0541escargot!IMG_0581 copyIMG_0504IMG_0569 copythe viewIMG_1222

The hillside village of Bonnieux

IMG_0599glam samIMG_0623

Gordes, Abbey de Senanque & Bories Village

IMG_0699IMG_0711IMG_0713it was poring when we got to the bories village, but mom still loved itIMG_0765


Les Baux & Carriere des Lumieres (probably one of the coolest exhibitions I’ve ever been to, pictures do not do it any justice)


St. Remy (amazing dinner… but I don’t remember the name of the restaurant)

IMG_0907he smirks at me a lotIMG_0919tomatoes, mozzarella, and sherbetIMG_0940IMG_0932IMG_0952

Isle-sur-la-Sorgue (one of the most incredible antiquing towns with an awesome farmer’s market)


Lunch at Restaurant Balade des Saveurs in Isle-sur-la-Sorgue (and the first of several Rob photo shoots)



IMG_1085IMG_1100IMG_1106IMG_1110biggest ham.IMG_1114my parents are cute. IMG_1126IMG_1139IMG_1140IMG_1144IMG_1146IMG_1147IMG_1159IMG_1183IMG_1185lavender water!IMG_1186IMG_1187IMG_1203IMG_1204very good wine at the fondue place (the fondue basically tasted like pizza, it was wonderful)IMG_1220


French Riviera – Eze, Nice & Cannes

We arrived in Eze, a quaint (albiet touristy)medieval town on a cliff and had lunch at Chateau d’Eza– probably the most elaborate meal (synchronized waiters lifting silver lids) I’ve ever had.

IMG_1229IMG_1233IMG_1236IMG_1237IMG_1240IMG_1245IMG_1249IMG_1254IMG_1264IMG_1282IMG_1286IMG_1289IMG_1292IMG_1297IMG_1299IMG_1302IMG_1311not a great shot of Rob, but you can see what Eze looks like IMG_1319IMG_1343i mean…IMG_1346the top is where we had lunchIMG_1349

Matisse’s house in Nice (now a museum)


The 66th Cannes Film Festival was in full swing… check out my celeb sisters


Orange: Arch de Triomphe & Theatre

IMG_1405IMG_1416IMG_1418IMG_1419IMG_1422IMG_1423IMG_1426IMG_1427IMG_1429IMG_1445sami’s photo shootIMG_1449IMG_1452IMG_1463IMG_1464IMG_1468IMG_1471IMG_1481IMG_1485IMG_1487IMG_1488IMG_1492

Wine Tour: Cave St. Charles at Chateauneuf de Pape & Bernard Castelian

IMG_1499IMG_1503IMG_1508IMG_1519IMG_1521IMG_1523IMG_1536IMG_1539IMG_1541salmon with yummy saffron stuff IMG_1544maybe the best wine tasting experience anyones ever had, ever… a restored 13th or 14th century cellar with incredible wine from one of the best domaines in Provence IMG_1552IMG_1558IMG_1566IMG_1569IMG_1570IMG_1586IMG_1599IMG_1606

Fontaine de Vaucluse



IMG_1671IMG_1673IMG_1675IMG_1681IMG_1691IMG_1707IMG_1708IMG_1720IMG_1725IMG_1728IMG_1734IMG_1735IMG_1741IMG_1742IMG_1744IMG_1750IMG_1756IMG_1766even dad can do a sorority girl hand-on-hip poseIMG_1773like the good old days… just meIMG_1778IMG_1784IMG_1785IMG_1786IMG_1793




IMG_1916hams at it againIMG_1921IMG_1923IMG_1925IMG_1926IMG_1941IMG_1945IMG_1948IMG_1949IMG_1953IMG_1964IMG_1965IMG_1981

Last breakfast at Chateau Lavande



IMG_1994IMG_1998IMG_2004some well known architecture school that he was all excited aboutIMG_2007the view from the Musse d’Orsay (my favorite museum in Paris)IMG_2020IMG_2022IMG_2030IMG_2032IMG_2036


IMG_2049IMG_2054IMG_2057IMG_2066IMG_2068IMG_2076IMG_2082hall of mirrorsIMG_2083IMG_2087IMG_2098IMG_2099IMG_2103IMG_2105IMG_2108IMG_2111IMG_2112IMG_2121IMG_2123marie antionette’s bedIMG_2125IMG_2130IMG_2142IMG_2146IMG_2151IMG_2161IMG_2166the coolest part.. marie antoinette’s little faux hamletIMG_2211IMG_2265IMG_2266IMG_2270IMG_2279IMG_2347IMG_2371IMG_2383

Paris Day 2 – Sainte Chapelle, Eiffel Tower, Louvre

IMG_2389IMG_2405Sainte Chappelle… so incredible IMG_2435IMG_2439IMG_2451IMG_2453IMG_2455IMG_2467IMG_2482IMG_2512IMG_2525IMG_2569IMG_2573IMG_2601i don’t know why people say crowds are a problem, i pushed my way to the front in under two minutes IMG_2611IMG_2630IMG_2632IMG_2656IMG_2663IMG_2692IMG_2695IMG_2753best meal we had in Paris, will update with the restaurant nameIMG_2758IMG_2765IMG_2763IMG_2768savory crepe, called a galette . amazing.(Galette Cafe 2 rue de l’universite in the left bank)IMG_2775IMG_2786

and…Rob eating a crepe

IMG_2736 2 copyIMG_2738IMG_2740IMG_2739IMG_2741IMG_2742IMG_2743