a "will you be my..." dinner party

a “will you be my…” dinner party

dinner invite invitation courtesy of Mackenzie Craig


There are many ways (thanks, Pinterest) of asking the women in your life to be your bridesmaids… to stand by your side on the first day of the rest of your life (cheesy, yes, also true), and to put up with you as you stress about the first day of the rest of your life— which is, in my case, probably no small task.

A small bridal party was never really in the cards for me. There are too many people I love and who I want to be a part of my wedding. Love is infectious. And when you’re as happy and as in love as I am, all you want to do is spread it and share it (again, cheesy, again true). So, I chose nine of the most incredible women I know to share in my love. Women who have shaped my life in different ways, who challenge me, make me a better person, and love me for me.

Mackenzie Craig had already agreed to be my Maid of Honor. To get me through the planning. To be my sanity. And I am already indebted to her for her help, support, patience and love.

Note: I formally asked Mack to be my MOH in a way very befitting to us, over beer and nachos (okay, well, I planned a red carpet event at TriBeCa Film Festival, but she was working late and we missed that), with a scrapbook that documented our antics…err…friendship. Love you, bubs!

I had the idea the idea to throw a dinner party to officially ask the remaining eight. Mack’s first MOH duty was helping me pull off the party. And, honestly, there would not have been a party without her. A few things I’ve learned about myself in planning this thing: I’m indecisive, I dream big/don’t think through execution, and I seriously procrastinate. Like I said, the party would not have happened without Mack.

I didn’t want to have it at a restaurant because it would feel too impersonal, and my apartment is, well, 450 square feet, so that was out. I really wanted to cook the meal myself— to do something meaningful for the women I was asking. My friend Justin has one of the most incredible apartments on Madison Square Park, with a roof deck that stares at the Empire State Building. He also happens to be one of the most generous people I know, and he agreed, with enthusiasm, to host the party. He did so much more than host— he went to his folks’ house to pick up a table and chairs, he cleared off the deck, and, well, allowed me to take over his apartment on a Friday evening— all with a big smile and the easy going nature that I love about him.

Once I had the location we needed to figure out decorations and menu. After a lot of ideas, we found spools on Etsy that were perfect for actually popping the question—unique and beautiful, and a really nice momento. Mack and I figured out the decorations (blue mason jars, white flowers, white 3ft balloons) and she also managed to find beautiful cloth napkins (I really hate paper napkins) and those totally awesome striped straws. Kath, Mack’s mom, graciously helped us plan the menu with a few delicious staple crowd pleasers. And my grandma supplied the final entree recipe and some much needed cooking utensils to pull it all off.

As the ladies arrived we had cheese, (Amy’s) bread, and of course wine, waiting for them. I had been a little anxious, what with the last minute prep, but once we went upstairs that completely went away. It was perfect. The table looked so beautiful, the food was really delicious, and I was surrounded by love.

Dinner Party Menu (because clearly I care way too much about food):

  • Bread & Cheese
  • Chopped Salad (courtesy of Mack)
  • Orecchiette with Homemade Pesto
  • Poached Salmon
  • Fruit Salad (courtesy of my lovely Momma)

It was an incredible night, filled with food, wine, bonding and love. I am so unbelievably happy and honored to have these wonderful women in my life. Thank you all. I love you all.

My Lovely Bridsmaids

Mackenzie Ann Craig – Maid of Honor, creativity, the Palms, and unconditional support.

Samantha Heather Schaevitz – Sister of the bride, and Maid of affection, smiles, sass, and style.

Julia Nicole Schaevitz – Sister of the bride, and Maid of humor, spunk, Maine, and sincerity.

Carolyn Ilysa Rodriguez – Matron of understanding, dependability, cupcakes, and mommyhood.

Erika Simone Bradbury – Matron of genuineness, teen tours, and caring.

Tara Tirelli Young – Maid of conversation, scooty, honesty, and strong will.

Kristen Susan Diver – Maid of comfort, good food, and tolerance.

Robin Leslie Warren – Maid of culture, ridiculousness, compassion, and fun.

Jacqueline Stromberg Gouline – Matron of loyalty, sweatpants, and selflessness.


and… Rochelle G Scheavitz – Mother of the bride, and Matron of family, support, taste, wisdom, joy, and love.