Robert Padraig Deacon asks me to marry him

Robert Padraig Deacon asks me to marry him

Rob and I had been discussing getting engaged for a while. Like, a while a while. Those of you who know me well (or not so well), know I have a 10 year plan. I’m type A.

Throughout January, we went ring shopping… at every kind of store imaginable (from Tiffanys, to the diamond district, to boutiques in the West Village). But I just couldn’t find anything I loved. A few years ago, I saw a stunning ring by Irina Ferry– cushion cut diamond with a very well done micro pave halo. But, as the halo got more popular, I became less sure about what I wanted. We went back to look at the diamond halo ring… and I saw it… a 2.4 GIA-certified cushion cut natural sapphire from Madagascar, set in a 76 diamond halo pave setting by Irina Ferry. It was so different and so beautiful. The stone is truly unique– it transitions from blue to green to a yellow center and then back to green and blue. I had never even considered colored diamonds up until then, let alone another stone entirely. I sat on it for a week. I asked a lot of people for opinions. And, in the end, I just made a decision to go with it.

I absolutely love this ring.

So, by February, we had found the ring. And I waited. And waited. With no clue when Rob was actually going to ask (or if he had the ring yet).

April 14th 2013 was our six year anniversary. Rob had asked me a week before if I wanted to have a picnic in the park to celebrate, but when we woke up it was pretty overcast and the ground was wet, so that was the end of that idea. Instead, we took Sophie Lily to the dog park and then went to grab breakfast at our local diner, unti it warmed up a bit.


In the afternoon, we decided to go to Central Park Zoo. I really love zoos and aquariums– we’ve been to aquariums in almost every city we’ve visited. Central Park Zoo is small and lovely– the exhibits are very well done and you can see the whole thing in a few hours. And the ducks were super cool, clearly. After we saw all the exhibits, we hung out on the benches by the sea lions. I was actually pretty tense, when Rob had called off the picnic, I had abandoned all hope that he might propose that day.



We walked through the park (where we were serenaded by a very lovely sax player) and back home so I could get ready for dinner. We had decided a few weeks ago that we’d try Spice Market for our anniversary. But when we hailed a cab to go to dinner, Rob said to the guy “50th & 9th”… Spice Market is in meatpacking. Rob had switched the reservation to a small french restaurant in our neighborhood.

Chez Napoleon is a very small and intimate family run French restaurant that’s, well, uber-French… I really don’t know how else to describe it. Our waitress (part of the family) had a thick French accent, the art is all French (depictions of French scenery, battles, maps), and the food is… very French… escargot, frog legs, foie gras… I could go on. And it was delicious. We shared the escargots de Bourgogne and soupe a l’oignon gratinee to start, both were amazing. The garlic butter sauce with the snails was so delicious, as were all the different kinds of bread they gave us to soak it up! Then Rob got the moules marinieres and I decided to try the cordon bleu (since I had never had it before). Both were really good, albiet super rich. Rob also ordered a bottle of wine (which was a little odd, considering he never pushes for a bottle), a rose, since we’re going to Provence in May. It was so delicious, very light and a really nice pair with the rich food.


Then, after our plates were cleared and we had ordered dessert, Rob took my hands and started by saying something like, “We’ve been together for six years…” and I realized what was happening… my heart jumped out of my chest… he was proposing. The rest is a blur, I was so overwhelmed, I honestly cannot remember exactly what he said. I’m pretty sure I hyperventilated.  He stood up, walked around the table, got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. I freaked out, managed to sat the word “yes” and we were engaged. It was so surreal. This definitely was not a surprise engagement, but I was not prepared for how I would feel when it actually happened. I love my fiance more than words can express.

It was the most amazing night of my life… so far.


I am so unbelievably happy and grateful at the out pour of love from our family and friends. Thank you, all. We love you all.


(cue the gratuitous ring shots… there will be more)